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To understand the Thematic subjects behind this 1st EP Please research the great works of and Reference to productions containing the Following People:

Michael Tsarion - (Author, Historian, Philosopher,Psychologist)
William Bramley - (Author,Researcher)
Robert Dean - (Author,Military,Veteran,Contactee)
Art Bell - (Author, Broadcaster)
Jaime Maussan - (Broadcaster, Researcher)
Jordan Maxwell - ( Lecturer,Researcher,Historian)
David Icke - (Author, Broadcaster, Lecturer)
Erich Von Daniken - (Author, Historian, Cataloger)
Charles Fort (Researcher, Historian)
Zacharia Sitchin - (Author, Historian, Archeologist, Linguist)
Jim Marrs - (Journalist, Author, Historian, Lecturer, Professor)
Michael Tellinger -(Author, Historian)

"History as we and "Academia" know it is Wrong, uncovering it leads us to the understanding and the origins of these beings known as "humans", Reference any indigenous ancient civilization legend and mythos IE: The Mexican Codexes, Puh Puhl Vuh, or the Indian Vedas or Native American Pueblo or Suix Creation Legends, the Greek, Roman, Nordic, Germanic, African, Aboriginal, Chinese and Japanese creation Myths just to list a few; contain such "Themata" dealing with this concept : "Ancient Aliens or (Extraterrestrial) Visitors" to put it in modern cultural terms. Chronologically, This 1st EP deals with "Their Arrival" and "Creation" and Ultimately their Downfall or Redemption.

"Perhaps the Biggest Myth ever purvayed is that Legends are just that, Myths" - Michael Tsarion


from The Truth Before One After All, released December 14, 2013



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