The Truth Before One After All

by Dissefacto

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Produced, Written, Recorded by: Dissefacto

Released via": SwanSong Inc. / Tunecore © 2012

Artwork by: Tatsu Riveraeon


released December 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Dissefacto Yuma, Arizona

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Track Name: Megalithic
We descend, Fall from grace
Far from reign, A bygone chance
To conquer.

Genesis, the great Rebirth.
In this forsaken wasteland
Tear Holes in its veins.

All of us, Are enslaved
Judged by "Celestials"
Breathing fire to the air
Purging the Naturals
Tearing asunder
Chaining us down
And we shall rise.

Take this man make him in our Visage
Serve us well, and you will become
One of us
Track Name: Chaos Metaphysics
Reap what you sow,
Foretold to fail
Karma control

All we have is fading Glimpses of Peace
As we live, willfully ignorant, beneath
The architects, who tug at the chains of Mankind

Galloping, into the darkness
Falling, like moths to a flame.


Find the truth spell the words
Those who history favors
Wrote the truth scripted with fire.
Nations fall, heads will roll;
Left in a meager existence
All is war, bloodlines fall.

Break From Control, Break Hold.
Track Name: Enki's Laud
To understand the Thematic subjects behind this 1st EP Please research the great works of and Reference to productions containing the Following People:

Michael Tsarion - (Author, Historian, Philosopher,Psychologist)
William Bramley - (Author,Researcher)
Robert Dean - (Author,Military,Veteran,Contactee)
Art Bell - (Author, Broadcaster)
Jaime Maussan - (Broadcaster, Researcher)
Jordan Maxwell - ( Lecturer,Researcher,Historian)
David Icke - (Author, Broadcaster, Lecturer)
Erich Von Daniken - (Author, Historian, Cataloger)
Charles Fort (Researcher, Historian)
Zacharia Sitchin - (Author, Historian, Archeologist, Linguist)
Jim Marrs - (Journalist, Author, Historian, Lecturer, Professor)
Michael Tellinger -(Author, Historian)

"History as we and "Academia" know it is Wrong, uncovering it leads us to the understanding and the origins of these beings known as "humans", Reference any indigenous ancient civilization legend and mythos IE: The Mexican Codexes, Puh Puhl Vuh, or the Indian Vedas or Native American Pueblo or Suix Creation Legends, the Greek, Roman, Nordic, Germanic, African, Aboriginal, Chinese and Japanese creation Myths just to list a few; contain such "Themata" dealing with this concept : "Ancient Aliens or (Extraterrestrial) Visitors" to put it in modern cultural terms. Chronologically, This 1st EP deals with "Their Arrival" and "Creation" and Ultimately their Downfall or Redemption.

"Perhaps the Biggest Myth ever purvayed is that Legends are just that, Myths" - Michael Tsarion
Track Name: Sonic Sacrifice
Sun holy emmanance of awe,
Behold the end of this cycle's dispensation,
Hear, The call of souls who saw the truth before one after all.

The imbalance of the now is only a momentary lapse
Of pain and suffering,
A test of spirit
A test of flesh
Atonement for sins of the past age,
Where evil had it's beginning.

Sun holy emmanance,
Luna Sister of Control,
After the poles collapsed,
After the catalyst,
After we paid the price
With blood,
With love,
With sacrifice..